Improper Answer Details

there are 5491 answers recordsthere are 1690 answers records=Improper Answer Counts 06/22/2024-07/22/2024=
wp_id(5307), quiz_id(139), score(20.00000), last_used(2024-07-22 09:04:59): recorded(3) vs quiz(10) vs answers(9) vs answerslog(31)
wp_id(4791), quiz_id(147), score(80.00000), last_used(2024-07-19 18:16:16): recorded(9) vs quiz(10) vs answers(9) vs answerslog()
wp_id(3154), quiz_id(141), score(70.00000), last_used(2024-07-17 15:19:29): recorded(8) vs quiz(10) vs answers(10) vs answerslog(8)
3 mis-matched quiz answer counts found!
1 of those we do have all the answers for
368 records examined.