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RapidAscent and Seattle CityU Partner in Providing Accelerated Training for Veterans

RapidAscent and CityU are partnering to offer accelerated job simulator training via a 15-week program to transitioning military, veterans, military spouses, and non-traditional candidates. This program aligns directly with the on-the-job tasks and job scenarios that aerospace companies require with government contracting and commercial aerospace companies. This program is designed to provide parallel training to match learners with the job task readiness that employers require in this demanding space. Aerospace roles can include “product security” for protecting aircraft, missile systems, and satellites, “threat hunting and incident response” for protecting systems, and “architecture and cloud security” for securing cloud-based systems. These positions many times require a security clearance to move into the roles. This program also supports non-cleared positions in industries outside of aerospace including financial services, energy, and healthcare industries.

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